Castal is an engineering Company active in the design, engineering and manufacturing of continuous casting machines for the production of sheet and strip of non-ferrous metal ( Aluminum – Zinc – Lead – Magnesium )

The services of the company are covering the know-how transfer also for commissioning, start-up and run-in production, for slugs production and sheet casting-rolling.

Our production line comprises :

  • Melting furnaces stationary/tilt type.
  • Holding furnaces.
  • Metal filtration units.
  • Metal degassing units.
  • Continuous casting machines for narrow strip up to 360 mm wide.
  • Continuous casting machines for sheet (Roll Casters) up to 2000 mm wide.
  • Hot rolling mills up to 360 mm wide.
  • Cold rolling mills up to 600 mm wide.
  • Coiler units.
  • High speed blanking tools for slugs.
  • Annealing furnaces, gas fired or electrical.

Castal is also offering modernization of existing equipment and/or integration of modern equipment in to existing facilities.

For customer’s advantages the Company is also offering engineering services for manufacturing equipment locally, in customer’s country.
In that case customer is saving approx. 60 % of actual investment cost.